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The core businesses of Icepharma are marketing, sales and value added services in the retail, pharmacy and hospital sector, representing leading international companies and brands.

Icepharma Privacy Policy

The Icepharma Privacy Policy is based on the Act on Personal Data Protection and Processing of Personal Data No. 90/2018 and the EC Directive (EU) No. 2016/679.

1. Purpose and aim

Icepharma is committed to the protection and security of personal data processed by the company. The purpose of this policy is to ensure an integrated view on the collection, use, publication, transfer and storage of any personal data processed by the company at any time and to ensure Icepharma's compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Our aim is that our staff, our customers, other contract parties and individuals, as appropriate, are informed about how the company collects and uses personal data.

2. Responsibility and role

Icepharma hf, social security number 620269-6119, located at Lyngháls 13, 110 Reykjavík, hereafter „Icepharma“ or „the company“, is either responsible for or directly carries out handling of personal data. Icepharma is directly responsible for all personal data submitted to the company. Queries on the handling of personal data shall be sent to

The Board of Icepharma is responsible for the company‘s Privacy Policy and delegates its implementation to the Executive Director. Icepharma employees commit to adhering to the policy and all procedures designed to ensure its implementation.

The Board, executives and other employees have set forth the following vision:

  • We work in accordance with laws and regulations on the processing of personal data.
  • We are aware of our responsibility with regard to the processing of personal data.
  • Our methods for data processing are responsible and encourage confidence in the company.
  • We never collect more data than is necessary in each case.
  • We do not store data longer than required by the purpose of its processing and requirements of the law.
  • We strive to ensure data security, with emphasis on the protection of confidential information and sensitive personal information.


3. Data security

The company puts emphasis on active data security during the processing of personal data. Therefore, all the company‘s IT-systems are required to support the purpose of compliance with laws and regulations on data privacy.

Data security shall comply with all applicable requirements, considering the quality, cost, nature, size, importance and context of the processing and the risks associated with it.

4. Processing of personal data

Personal data shall only be processed with a lawful purpose or based on laws and regulations. In each given case, the company only collects and processes the data that is necessary and allowed by law and/or agreements, as appropriate. The company strives to ensure accuracy and reliability of personal data.

Icepharma may transfer the necessary personal data to a third party (processing party), which provides services to the company, according to the provisions on processing parties in the Act on Data Privacy.

5. Transparency – information to the owners of personal data

Icepharma respects the rights of the owners of personal data and provides them with information about what processing is being carried out, in accordance with their rights as per laws and regulations on Data Privacy.

6. Logging of deviations/security breaches

Icepharma monitors possible security breaches to ensure compliance with laws and regulations regarding the logging and processing of any occuring deviations. The purpose of such logging is to ensure that security breaches are reported in an appropriate manner, within the timeframe required by laws and regulations.

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