Roots that go back to 1919

The core businesses of Icepharma are marketing, sales and value added services in the retail, pharmacy and hospital sector, representing leading international companies and brands.

Company Facts

The organisation

Icepharma's Sales and Marketing Operation is divided into 3 divisions: Health & Sports, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals. 

The managing director is Hordur Thorhallsson.

Strongest in Iceland

We have achieved top marks in strength and stability assessments.

Corporate values

The operations of Icepharma are characterized by care for our customers, our employees, our investors and the community in which we operate. To maintain this spirit, we rely on four values in our daily operations. 






Code of Conduct

Icepharma operates in a competitive environment, where the expectations of consumers, suppliers and customers are increasingly demanding.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to establish firmly the policy that has been set within the company and make it clear to employees what is expected of them in their work.


Parlogis, a sister company of Icepharma, distributes Icepharma's products to pharmacies, hospitals, healthcare institutions and retailers across the country. 

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