Code of Ethics and Conduct

Ósar – the lifeline of health hf. and its subsidiaries, Icepharma hf. and Parlogis ehf. work in an environment that is subject to law, regulations, and public supervision in various ways. The nature of the operations calls for the companies and their employees to adhere to the strictest standards, laws, and rules when it comes to the ethics and communication with stakeholders. The Code of Ethics and Conduct has been set as support for the policies and values of the companies and are meant to serve as guidelines in communication with stakeholders. The purpose of the principles is to promote honesty, transparency, justice, and fairness, and improve trust and trustworthiness towards the companies that form the Group, and their employees.

Code of Ethics and Conduct of Ósar and its Subsidiaries

Reporting suspected or alleged misconduct

Here you can submit report of suspected or alleged misconduct. Misconduct may involve Ósar and its subsidiary companies, Icepharma and Parlogis, or employees of Ósar, Icepharma, or Parlogis engaging in illegal activities, causing harm to others, or violating the Group´s Code of Ethics and Conduct. Anyone can submit a report.